Photographer Captures Beautiful Shots of Stockholm's Archipelago

Winter Haze by Phillip Karlberg05.jpg

Winter Haze by Philip Karlberg

Swedish photographer Philip Karlberg captures the beauty of Stockholm archipelago in the winter. In this series, Philip photographs the beautiful textures in the icy formations throughout the island.

See full series here.

Philip’s Equipment: 

  • Alpa 12 STC

  • Rodenstock HR40mm 

  • Schneider 72mm 

  • Hasselblad 50MP


A little bit about the Photographer…

Philip Karlberg is a well known still life photographer based in Sweden, who works on commercial and editorial assignments. With a portfolio of still life images, so crisp; I’d almost think they were CGI; he also creates beautiful photographs of interiors and landscapes. See more and learn more of Philips work here

Philip Karlberg’s Website | Facebook 

Winter Haze by Philip Karlberg/CC BY-NC-ND 4.0