Otherworldly Photographs of the Atacama Desert by Richard Cavalleri

 Images via  Richard Cavalleri

The Landscapes of the Atacama Desert Are Out of This World

While browsing through Behance, I stumbled across these breathtaking landscape photographs by Quebec-based photographer, Richard Cavalleri. I immediately found myself blown away by the serene beauty and quality of these photographs of the Atacama Desert. The crisp and highly detailed exposures made me feel as if I was viewing realistic illustrations of a fantasy world from a dream or a video game; so I wanted to do a quick research on this location. After reading more about this location, I found out that this desert has been compared to mars because of its otherworldly appearance and mars-like soil, according to Nasa

This comparison to Mars is fascinating and supports why these images have a such a fantasy/sci-fi feel to them. Cavallari's photographing and processing is incredibly effective in expressing the otherworldly nature of these images. Check out some his amazing shots below.

See full series here!

Atacama by Richard Cavalleri / CC BY-NC-ND