Do You Like Pokemon and Fashion? Check Out These Photos!

Here is a comical photoshopped parody series of images for you Pokémon Go users who love fashion, too. Francis Phommisai composites images of Pokémon into high fashion editorial images and features them on his Tumblr page, Pokémon X Fashion. According to the About Page, Phommisai created Poke X Fashion to express his love for Pokémon and fashion. 

I found this series side-splitting because the witty nature of the images. Most of the Pokémon composited tie extremely well into the overall contexts the editorial images, which makes it difficult for me to pick which ones of my favorite. The only concern I had regarding this series is if these images are a form of copyright infringement or if these are fair use in the context of being parody images. According to Pokemon X Fashion's About Page, theses are in accordance with the Fair Use Act and Canadian Copyright Act (I'm assuming he's from Canada) and the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.) The page also mentions how to reach Phommisai if you are an owner of an original image used in a composite. This work has been featured in various reputable online publications, so I'm going to assume he hasn't been approached about copyright. 

What do you guys think of this series, regarding copyright and fair use?

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