10+ Awesome Photoshop Tutorial Videos To Learn Frequency Separation


Frequency Separation

This post is a curated collection of excellent video tutorials that are most helpful when learning the frequency separation technique in Photoshop. I posted multiple videos instead of one because there are many ways to approach this technique, and I want to influence you to pick the way(s) that work best for your needs. 

But what is frequency separation?

Frequency separation allows you to work on the tone and texture of an image separately. The tone is retouched on a layer often referred to as the LOW layer; while the texture is retouched on a separate layer often referred to as the HIGH layer. This technique works especially well for skin retouching. For example, a retoucher will use tools such as the clone or paint brush in Photoshop to balance out any skin tone uneven skin tones on the LOW layer. Then with the clone or healing brush, the retoucher will be able to remove blemishes on the HIGH layer. This also works with other types of photos such as landscape and architecture, but it is most popular in Portrait, Fashion, and Beauty Photography. 

Tia Jones