Getting Started with Intuos 2015: Using Pen and Touch


This is a brief video about getting started with an Intuos 2015. In this video, Wacom explains three tips that are useful for beginner Wacom tablet users. Those tips are:

  1. How the pen relates to screen
  2. How to hold the pen
  3. How the buttons on the pen work to make your workflow better.

Working with a drawing tablet is something I highly recommend for retouching and other types of digital art. There are multiple drawing tablet brands to choose from; however, Wacom is the most popular and reliable one in my opinion. My first tablet was a Wacom Bamboo released in 2007, great beginner tablet. I currently own a small Wacom Intuos Pro that I purchased about two years ago. Now Wacom has multiple beginner and advanced tablets that are easy to use and will make a big difference in a digital artist’s workflow. As mentioned in this video, many people never go back to using a mouse once they have been introduced to the power of drawing tablets. So, definitely look into purchasing one. It does not have to be the most expensive one, just make sure you pick one suitable to your needs and they you are comfortable using.

There are two types of Wacom Tablets that fall under the Intuos name: Intuos and Intuos Pro. This video is specifically talking about the Intuos, not Intuos Pro.


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