Weekly Speed Art Inspiration #2


This post is from my new weekly series of sharing photomanipulation and Speed Art videos that are most inspiring. If you have an awesome speed art video you want the world to see, visit the Submit page now for a chance for your work to be featured. Read the instructions specific to video submission. Also, don't forget to SHARE this awesome inspiration with your friends! Enjoy!

Jupiter Rising by Flew Designs

Flew Designs' Website | Facebook | Twitter | Deviantart

Denial | Photo Manipulation by Baka Arts

Baka Arts' Website | Facebook | Patreon 

Summer - Speed Art by Bashar Abuhilal | Creative Station

Bashar Abuhilal's Youtube Channel Creative Station's Youtube | Facebook | Twitter 

The Flash - 3D Speed Art by Oscar Fernandez | Creative Station

Oscar Fernandez's Youtube Channel

Creative Station's Youtube | Facebook | Twitter 

After Humans - Speed Art by GF Digital Art

Artist: Guilherme Fernandes Ribeiro Pereira

GF Digital Art's Website | Facebook |Behance


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