The Photoshop Show #61 Retouching with Julia Kuzmenko Kim‬‬‬


All right, this is a pretty long talk, but the content discussed here is very valuable. In this episode of the Photoshop Show, Julia Kuzmenko Kim discusses some of her retouching journey and secrets with Jan Kabili and Ron Clifford. We also get to watch her walkthrough one of her images and how she uses Frequency Separation.

Julia mentions something about her early perception of retouching for clients that stands out to me. She talks about how she realized the difference between retouching for herself and retouching for someone else. Sometimes retouching for someone else may not always be as exciting as you would like to be. That’s a reality I believe most professional creatives will have to face. When doing personal self-directed work, you are normally excited by all of our brilliant ideas and the freedom to try out those ideas on your work. However, when working with a client or company you’re often following someone else’s creative direction, time and budget. What you may think would look cool on an image or design may be completely opposite of your client or company’s creative direction or brand.

This is the tougher reality of being a creative, but don’t let that discourage you. One way to always feel excited about client or company work is by being a little selective of who you do work for. I am not saying to always turn down a okay job or assignment, especially when you need the money. I just believe that since work is going to be a big part of most of our lives, we should try to do work we enjoy. If we are unhappy with our jobs we risk burnout, depression and even job loss. So definitely be as realistic with your situation as possible, but also be as realistic as possible with what your heart’s desires.

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