The Best Free Photo Editing Apps For IOS and Android

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Photo editing apps have had a big impact on the mobile world. Who doesn't love all-in-one apps that allow photographers to make quick and professional looking changes to their images while they are on the go. The only frustration is that all apps may not be available for both IOS or Android. This can be a little bothersome especially if you have both Android and IOS devices, but you want to stick to the same apps between the two. Since I use an iPhone, but an Android tablet; I decided to share this list of excellent photo enhancement apps that are available for both platforms. 


VSCO is a popular photo editing app and social network where photographers can edit and showcase their gorgeous photographs to the world. It's easy to turn mobile photos into beautiful masterpieces with its powerful yet simple to use editing tools. 



Snapseed offers a variety of tools that give so much control over the outcome of each image processed. Whether you are wanting to add quick filters or make specific advanced changes to an image, Snapseed's tools makes this process incredibly easy. 



Fotor is popular for its online editing app and mobile editing app. Its mobile features include includes precision based adjustment tools such as its powerful RGB curve spectrum. What's even cooler is that Fotor offers a photography community with opportunities to win prizes. 




Autodesk is well known for making powerful creative software and apps. One of its popular sets of user-friendly apps is the Pixlr family, which allows users to transform and perfect their photos. The Pixlr family includes the web apps Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express (Find out more about them here). It's mobile app contains nearly the same amount of power as the two web apps in a format simplified for mobile users. 



Very much like its powerful online photo editing app, Polarr's amazing mobile app offers a myriad of powerful tools that allows users to make detailed and professional edits to their photographers. Additionally, Polar offers easy step by step interactive tutorials for beginners to follow. 




Moldiv offers a variety of quality professional style editing tools compressed in simplified into this lovely app. With over 180 photographic filters, Moldiv also allows users to create magazine-style collages for you to share with your following. 


Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam is an app also offered by Jellybus, that is available for IOS and Android. It has a lot of similar features to Moldiv, but its more filter based. One of it's coolest features is its live filter camera, along with its easy collage and design features. 

So what are your favorite apps for photo editing? Are they IOS only, Android only, or compatible with both? Let me know in the comments below :)