How To Whiten Eyes Naturally in Photoshop


Toronto based professional Photographer and retoucher Michael Woloszynowicz of Vibrant Shot created this tutorial explaining how to whiten eyes naturally in Adobe Photoshop. He mentions how there are many ways to whiten eyes, but some of them eliminate all color in the eye. This may not be ideal for realism because there are small veins and small color details that make up the appearance of eye whites. Therefore, Michael prefers to whiten the eyes as if he is removing color casts.


He begins by creating a selection with the Lasso Tool and mask feathering in the Refine Edge options to create a Quick Mask. Next, with the new selection he creates a Selective Color Adjustment Layer. He chooses the Neutrals in the Color drop down menu in the Selective Color options to affect the eye’s color cast. Michael also recommends keeping the Info Panel open to get a clear idea of how much of each color is present in different parts of an image. In this image, he slightly moves the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow sliders to achieve a more neutral eye white. Finally, to lighten the eye white some, he moves the black slider to remove black from it. It is important to move these sliders very slightly to keep a realistic color appearance.

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