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The Ultimate Resource Guide For Getting Started In Photoshop | RetouchingBlog

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Beginners In Photoshop

So you're wanting to learn how to Photoshop and you don't know where to start? Well, I got you covered! I've see a lot of people online asking about how to learn Photoshop as a beginner. 

Well first, make sure you've downloaded Photoshop, of course. (this is an obvious answer I just felt like being a little sarcastic, don't mind me :P) You can either purchase one of the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription plans or start with their Free Software Trial Download

Next, you need to find learning resources.

"But where do you go to start learning? What are the best resources for learning: video or written, online or book?"

 The honest answer is that you should pick learning from sources where to feel you most comfortable and engaged. Some people do well with video learning while others rather read.

Should you go for free resources or paid?  

Some prefer high quality free educations, while others would like to invest in the perks of paid training.

To make your learning quest easier I put together this guide of online and print resources to for getting started in Photoshop.  In this guide you will find resources from Adobe, Online Learning Platforms, Youtube, and Blogs, so have at it! There's a mix of free and paid material, but I'll try to point out the ones that are free. (I'll check back periodically to update this post so you can have recent material).


Adobe Resources

For Photoshop to be such a popular and complex program that most designers and photographers use, you would think Adobe would have a learning space for this program right? Well, here it! Adobe’s learning and support pages are excellent places to get free tutorials and information on Photoshop. These resources cover getting started in Photoshop and specific tips and tricks to boost your workflow, and common troubleshooting cases.  

 Adobe Photoshop Learn and Support

Adobe Photoshop Learn and Support


Online Training and Courses


Udemy is one of the top places for online learning in the world. You can find courses on almost anything, whether it be design, photography, business, and marketing, or even yoga . In a sea of over 40k courses, you’re bound to come across the perfect instruction to enhance your Photography and Photoshop skills.

Check out these courses from Udemy:

 Photoshop Tools Crash Course on Udemy

Photoshop Tools Crash Course on Udemy


Creative Live

Creative Live is another well known online learning hub with tons of high-quality courses and tutorials for creatives of all skill levels. Here you will find tutorials created by some of the most credible names in the Retouching and Photography industry, such as Pratik Naik, Brooke Shaden, Jeremy Cowart and Lara Jade. While the price range of these tutorials can vary from really affordable to a heftier investment, these advanced knowledge offered in many of these courses is priceless. 

 Adobe Photoshop CC Complete Guide Course on Creative Live

Adobe Photoshop CC Complete Guide Course on Creative Live

 Overview of Adobe Photoshop Training available on Skillshare

Overview of Adobe Photoshop Training available on Skillshare

Skillshare offers an engaging learning community for creatives with over 9,000 classes and tutorials. Their learning material includes subjects such as Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Photo Editing, Mobile Photography, and even Instagram. What’s really awesome about Skillshare is that it offers many free courses, but you can also sign up for their subscription plan to get access to all of their courses for only $12/month. This sounds like an offer that's impossible to refuse considering all of the valuable insight and knowledge you will have access to. 

 Photoshop CC Basics for Photographers Class on Kelby One

Photoshop CC Basics for Photographers Class on Kelby One

Founded by Photographer Scott Kelby, KelbyOne aims to create an affordable and accessible learning space specific for photographers, retouchers, and photographic creatives. The huge library of courses covers beginner to professional skills for a monthly fee of $19/month. This could be the investment that will take your skills to the next level. Start with this course, Photoshop CC Basics For Photographers.



Lynda Tutorials

Lynda is one of the leading online training platforms offering learning materials for almost everything technology and business related. Lynda is one of the perfect places to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, and other Photography related skills. One of their cool new features is their Learning Paths. Their learning paths are basically multiple courses curated based on what your goals are. Their photography learning paths include Become A Retoucher, Become A Photo Restoration Specialist, and Become A Photographer (which I’m gonna recommend the Become a Retoucher path of course since probably came here to learn retouching skills  ). Lynda offers so many cool features with the subscription to either of their two monthly plans, Basic ($19/month) and Premium ($29/month). Lynda is a place that I use ALOT so I definitely recommend investing in it. You can also start with their 10-day free trial. 

Ultimate Resource Guide For Getting Started in Photoshop | Retouching Blog
 Photoshop CC Fundamentals Course on   Plural Sight

Photoshop CC Fundamentals Course on Plural Sight

Formally known as Digital Tutors, Plural Sight offers an online training platform with over 5,000 courses focused on technology and creative skills. Here you can find tons of tutorials on Adobe Photoshop. Similar to Lynda, Plural Sight has organized its courses into Paths very much like Lynda’s Learning Paths. Start with their Photoshop CC Fundamentals course.

 Photoshop CC Master Class Series by   Total Training

Photoshop CC Master Class Series by Total Training

Total Training

 Very much like Lynda, Total Training offers a large library of in-depth tech related training. Here you can learn how to use Photoshop CC in their Photoshop CC Master Class Series

 Free Adobe Photoshop CC: Complete Beginners Guide Course on   Adobe Know How

Free Adobe Photoshop CC: Complete Beginners Guide Course on Adobe Know How

Adobe Know How offers multiple Photoshop and Photography tutorials on its clean user-friendly interface. Start with their their FREE Adobe Photoshop CC: Complete Beginners Guide.


Youtube Channels


Phlearn is a website and youtube channel ran by skilled photographers who enjoy sharing their knowledge. At Phlearn, users can look forward to finding excellent free easy to follow tutorials and advanced courses and tutorials worth investing in.  


Nathaneal Dodson of Tutvid creates a variety of design tutorials for people to view on Youtube and the Tutvid website. He’s tutorial subjects include Photoshop, Photo Editing, and Retouching.


Howard Pinsky offers quality Photoshop and photo editing tutorials on Youtube Channel. He covers tools and techniques for all skill levels. Check out Howard Pinsky’s Photoshop: Basics Playlist.

   Tuts Plus   Selection of Photoshop Tutorials

Tuts Plus Selection of Photoshop Tutorials

Tuts Plus by Envato offers a large selection of tutorials. Their goal is to offer a convenient self-directed learning for busy people. Here you will find in-depth step by step tutorials for free on subjects such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Post Processing, Lighting and more photography related how-tos. You should also check out their course and eBook sections. While the content these sections often require purchase or a sign up to their subscription plan; the individual prices and subscriptions are pretty affordable and are worth the investment. 

Check out these resources from Tuts Plus


Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials is a blog with tons of free Photoshop tutorials, inspiration, deals, resources, and more. 

Photoshop Essentials

This blog is a great spot to learn many of the essential functions and features of Adobe Photoshop. Sign up to one of their subscriptions plans to get downloadable PDFs of their tutorials.

Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop Cafe is a resource and tutorial website created by instructors who are passionate about working in Photoshop. Here you can find a mix of free photoshop tutorials and resources, and premium Photoshop online training. 

Advanced Photoshop 

Advanced Photoshop offers a variety of quality tutorials, resources, and inspiration for Photoshop users. 

Photoshop Creative

Managed by the same founders of Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative offers a variety of creative tutorials, inspiration, and resources for Photoshop users. 


Layers is an awesome online magazine dedicated to education and inspiring visitors on anything Adobe related. They have tons of great tutorials focused on Photoshop. 


Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: The Basics for Beginners Youtube Video >>>



I hope you guys find this list helpful! Are there any particular resources you find useful? How did you go about learning Photoshop or how to plan to? Any type of resources you would like to see or share? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for reading! And remember sharing is caring ^_^