Dystopian CGI Photography


In the Garden with Clemens Ascher - CGI and Retouching

Photographer: Clemens Ascher Fashion Stylist: Alice Whiting Hair Stylist: Craig McAtear CGI Director: Kristian Turner / Recom Farmhouse CGI Artist:  Florian Einfalt / Recom Farmhouse Post Artist: Pepe Alram, Kate Brown, Andrea Tosello / Recom Farmhouse

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Photographer Clemens Ascher collaborates with the creative team at Recon Farmhouse to illustrate a Photographic + CGI illustration of an indoor garden complex. The series essentially represents an artificial and plastic Utopian environment that is design for comfort and sustainability. While this project was centered around photography, CGI elements and creative retouching were combined by Recom Farmhouse to create this sophisticate artificial themed imagery.

Recom Farmhouse’s Website | Blog View Clemens Ascher’s Website

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In the Garden by Recon Farmhouse/CC BY-NC-ND