How to Composite a Car onto New Background


Here's an awesome in depth tutorial by TutVid on how to composite a car into a new background. This video covers multiple steps with multiple techniques to achieve the final image such as cutting out the car, adjusting its perspective, shadow building, color grading effects and more! Here is the video guide from Tutvid's Youtube description below to help walk you through:

"01:16 Finding the right image 03:37 Cut out the car 06:02 Drag the car into new background scene 06:24 Adjusting the perspective of the car 07:25 Cleaning up the background 08:35 Adjust background perspective 16:02 Build the car shadow 22:28 Finding the correct perspective 31:17 Cropping it down 31:29: Cleaning up the windshield/reflections 36:35 Dragging in all the color grading effects" - Tutvid

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