4 Ways To Create A Matte Effect in Photoshop


Matte Effect As I’ll mention in many tutorials, there are so many ways to approach photo editing, photo retouching and photo effects. One popular photo effect right now is the Matte Photo Effect. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to show you guys four easy ways to achieve the Matte Effect for photos in Adobe Photoshop.

Exposure Adjustment Layer

  1. Open your image in Photoshop Matte Effect
  2. Add an Exposure Adjustment Layer. Matte Effect
  3. Push the Offset and Gamma Correction sliders to the right side of the slider bars, similar to the example below. Matte Effect
  4. Final Result: 

    Matte Effect

Curves Adjustment Layer

  1. Open your image in Photoshop. Matte Effect
  2. Add the Curves Adjustment Layer. Matte Effect
  3. Match your curves graph similar to the example below. Make sure Curves settings are in RGB. Matte Effect
  4. Final Result: 

    Matte Effect

Levels Adjustment Layer

  1. Open your image.Matte Effect
  2. Add the Levels Layer Adjustment. Matte Effect
  3. Make sure the Levels settings are in RGB. Adjust the sliders similar to the example below. Matte Effect
  4. Final Result: 

    Matte Effect

Solid Color Fill/Luminosity Blend

  1. Open your image. Matte Effect
  2. Add Solid Color Adjustment Layer, chose light grey color. Matte Effect
  3. Set the Solid Color Adjustment Layer’s blending mode to Luminosity  Matte Effect
  4. Lower the opacity of this layer to around 25-45% Matte Effect
  5. Add Curves Adjustment Layer. Add some contrast, by adjust your curves similar to my graph below: Matte Effect
  6. Final Result: 

    Matte Effect


Now you have four ways to approach the Matte effect in your photos. I encourage you to explore with these four methods and combine them if you would like. If you found this post helpful or want to share some tips and tricks of your own, please comment below or shoot me a message on my contact page! Make sure you share this post with your friends as well. Also, if you have practice work you want me to see, feel free to tag me to your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

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