27+ Free Amazing Video Courses for Photographers

27 Photography Courses for Beginners | Retouching Blog + Photo Editing Tips + Design Tips

It’s obvious that photography is one area in the creative world that has gained a lot of attention. Popular websites and social networks such as Instagram, 500px, Tumblr, Flick, and much more promote how awesome it is to use photography to express and document your life and experiences whether you are a pro or amateur. Being able to practice photography with quality equipment is consistently becoming more affordable and accessible. But what if you’re stuck on where to learn or boost photography skills? Good news, there are TONs of helpful photography resources both free and paid out there on the web to learn from. Some people like to learn from written resources while others prefer videos. Well, this post is for you guys who enjoy learning from video resources for free! In this post, I listed a variety of Photography Courses from Skillshare, Udemy, and Youtube to get help get your photography skills where you want them to be. 

*I’ll be checking back regularly and updating this post, just in case the statuses of the content in these links change. 



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