5 Websites for Free High Quality Stock Photos

Stock photos are a great alternative option if you are not a photographer or don’t have a professional photographer of your own. For high quality and more exclusive stock photos, you can purchase them online. However, you can also get high quality stock photos for free. The only downside here is that you run the risk of using photos that other people use for professional and non-professional reasons. If that’s not an issue for your brand, I highly recommend starting with using free stock images from my favorite stock photo sites listed below.

*Note: Make sure you check the licensing terms and rules of each of these websites before using them. Also, try to make a habit of documenting where you received your stock photos from, just in case any copyright suspicion arrives that was beyond your power.

  1. Unsplash - Unsplash is one of the most popular free stock image websites. The photos are uploaded by awesome photographers around the world. You can upload your own stock photos as well. And the photos are free to use, with or without attribution for commercial and non commercial use. Although it's awesome to give attribution when you’re able to.

  2. Kaboompics - Kaboompics is another attribution free stock website. This is one of my favorites, because I love their consistent moody editing style. The photos are captured by photographers of Kaboompics and offer for free use.

  3. PicJumbo - PicJumbo is a large college of stock photos created by photographer, Viktor Hanacek. While the website is focused on free stock photos, there are also exclusive stock photo packs available for very reasonable prices.

  4. Pexels - Much like Unsplash, Pexels is a massive library of free to use stock images uploaded by photographers around the world. There is also an app available fore IOS and Android that I use all the time. The license for Pexel photos are also free for commercial/non-commercial use and attribution is not always required.

  5. Pixabay - Pixabay is a massive collection of stock imagery including photos, vectors, and illustrations. These are uploaded by various users around the world. The imagery is free to use for commercial and non-commercial usage as well.

Freepik - I wanted share this one because it’s a stock imagery website that offers photos, vectors, psd files, and more for free, with attribution required. However, if you purchase their affordable subscription, you can use their resources without attribution (unless its from FlatIcon I believe, double check though).

Tia Jones