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Retouching Blog is a resource for bloggers, photographers, & creative entrepreneurs who understand the value of high quality photography in establishing their brand. In a world where pictures are worth 1000 words, creating and editing powerful imagery can make or break your brand. Here you will find resources and services to streamline your photography + photo editing workflow.

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Powerful photography is essential to being an unforgettable brand! But editing can be a time consuming pain for many. I'm here to take that load off of you!  I offer professional retouching and photography services to biz owners, photographers, and bloggers who are ready to boost their brand with professionally enhanced photos. 

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Get to know the retoucher behind the blog....

I'm Tia, and I am a professional retoucher and photographer who created this blog to help you learn my skills and perfect your photos! After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography, I worked as an in house photo retoucher for a well known children's clothing brand. Although I enjoyed my time there, I realized I had a deeper passion for sharing knowledge and providing services to creative individuals like yourself. So, I created this lovely place you stumbled upon, Retouching Blog! :)