Quick Tip: How To Easily Open Recent Files in Photoshop

How To Open Recent Files in Photoshop - Retouching Blog.png

One of the things I love about Photoshop and similar software is that it's pretty easy to find your most recent files you have worked on. Just go to File> Open Recent and then select the desired file you were recently working on.  This is a big plus for me because I am not as organized as I would like to be :). And if you are like me and tend to forget where you may have quickly saved a file, the recent files will help you find your way to beloved misplaced file. 

However, I have little warning about this feature is that Recent Files does not always pull up your most recent files. While this is rare, this has happened to me several times when Photoshop has crashed, my laptop died, or some other supernatural phenomenon in the computer realm has occurred. So, I always try to practice consistent file managment and organization.